Racing Office Chair by DXR Racer – Review

Ever endured a poor back following a reasonable 6 hour gaming session? Would you spend time at your computer for lengthy amounts of time and have thoughts of; is it this crap chair ruining my back? Well personally I have. I… Read More

Zombies tips for Call of Duty Black Ops 3

How you can destroy the zombie horde. Shadows of Evil, the Black Ops 3 Zombies mode, happens in Morg City featuring The Magician, the Femme Fatal, The Cop and The Boxer. The concept would be to destroy progressively… Read More

The first bug discovered in Fallout 4

A particular settlement mission in Fallout 4 can’t be completed and transmits Fallout 4 crashes. Multiple customers on Fallout 4’s official forums have recognized a bug in Fallout 4 that crashes the overall game. The bug is linked… Read More

Probably the hardest thing to do….

When you are playing Call of Duty and you start lagging…. I break everything !!