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The trend is to use a food dehydrator

Dehydrated foods can help you prepare for a rainy day

As far as the international situation is concerned, productivity has declined as a result of the epidemic and shortages have begun to appear in all areas. You can ignore other things, but you must eat, and only when your stomach is full can you meet the challenges of life. Therefore, it is important to keep more food reserves in case any unforeseen circumstances arise in the future.

According to the University of Missouri, dehydrated food does not spoil. Why is that? In order to grow, bacteria, yeasts, and molds need water -- dehydrated foods are in short supply among these things.

Their other benefits are mainly convenience. Campers and hikers often bring light, dry foods, and dry foods like fruit peels are used as snacks. Plus, dried vegetables are easy to store and can be added to your favorite recipes, from soups to stews.

Therefore, having a food dehydrator at home is necessary for your family or children.

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