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Make your own beef Jerky by food dehydrator

Why is Beef Jerky so Expensive

A few decades ago, beef jerky is a special kind of food, there were only a few gas stations for sale. It is not as rich or popular now. One dominated by large-scale producers of beef jerky from Wisconsin changed all ...... good for them, really, this is the American dream.

But, as a large adult beverage companies streamline processes and create adult beverages to attract the public to achieve large-scale sales targets, like it traditional American quality, handmade products - has left a huge gap in the market - Vintage . It's really better. This economic model is repeated in many fields. But, what does it have to do with the cost of beef jerky? ? The answer is... almost everything.

In the build beef jerky empire in the process, in order to beat the competition, to gain a decisive advantage of sales, one of the only way is to continue to reduce costs, while maintaining or slightly increasing the cost to the consumer, so that manufacturers and distributors can flourish . Although the size of the economy - "mass production" fancy word - is the best way to reduce costs, but the benefits are always the most readily available lower raw material costs. What is the best way to reduce material costs without sacrificing quality? Get as close to the source as possible. Vertical integration. Beef is a global big business, although the quality is a factor considered in the equation, but it is certainly not unique. Cost is always the lowest common denominator mass production mode.

To illustrate this point, let us follow the jerky 100 lbs batch of meat to complete the production process. The cost of these bullets is $ 4.50 / lb, but shipping and storage costs increased by $ 0.15 / lb. Therefore, when the bullet entered the workshop, their value is $ 465.00. Now we've added manually to trim excess fat, then hand-sliced, seasoned, roll and placed on racks. For simplicity, we will be called the cost of production of $ 2.00 / lb (including seasoning, all artificial and cooking), due to the total weight of the trim, bullet reduced by 10 pounds, so now we have 90 lbs of complete, ready to cook meat , And the cost is now $665.00.

90 lbs of cooking meat will be reduced to about 40 pounds of meat finished, and then packaged and sold. 40 lbs of finished meat costs of $ 665.00, equivalent to $ 16.63 / lb, or $ 1.04 / oz. Now, we must pack jerky. A single package, the cost of labor, bags and labels, for simplicity, we called the 1.5 oz package of $ 0.25 / pack.

To calculate the cost of our bag 1.5 ounces, we take X-finished meat cost of $ 1.04 = US $ 1.56 1.5 oz. Then we add the cost of packaging to the cost of meat: $1.56 + $0.25 = $1.81. On average, each piece of luggage will be transported to at least $ 0.10-.12 in our distribution center. Thus, a bag of 1.5 ounces of high-quality beef jerky on the final cost on warehouse shelves for less than $ 2.00 / bag. This does not include transportation costs, aging countless other indirect costs or costs that most people do not consider, unless they run a small business.

If you have done this, please feel free to call us crazy, unrealistic, or various other names that we may have called ourselves... We will not get rich by selling beef jerky, but we are committed to providing it to our customers The machine that can produce the absolute best beef jerky in the most economical way.

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