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Natural dried fruit: give children the most healthy, safe zero add good food

Natural dried fruit: give children the most healthy, safe zero add good food

★ It's easy to dry natural fruits and vegetables by hand

Taiwan produces delicious fruits and vegetables throughout the year, but it is not easy to preserve them due to the humid climate. It is used to make dried fruits and vegetables, which can concentrate the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables without extra seasoning. In the case of pineapple, after drying, not only retain the original fiber, the aroma is also completely sealed in pieces of dried fruit, sweet more prominent, but also can retain the original golden color. In this way, you can extend the life of the fruit, and no food will be wasted.


★ Food safety problems, do their own peace of mind

To make dried fruits and vegetables for your family and children, you can choose non-toxic or organic healthy ingredients throughout the season, and can supplement fiber and vitamins at any time. It is a good way to give attention to both nutrition and delicious!


Healthy snacks without added preservatives

In order to look delicious and preserve for a long time, most of the snacks in the city have added preservatives, pigments and flavoring agents, so the smell is strong, but if you eat too much processed food, the body is prone to accumulate toxins, and the taste becomes delayed. Dried fruit is cut piece by piece, directly baked with low temperature, no chemical products or excessive sugar to flavor, so that the family eat delicious and secure.


★ A variety of dried vegetables and fruits, cooking a good helper

The fruits and vegetables preserved by baking method can help your cooking score points, such as: fresh mushrooms, mushrooms, yams, can take advantage of the rich season to buy some more to dry, storage period can be as long as a few months, usually boiled chicken soup or ribs soup can add flavor, delicious and convenient. Even the spices that are often used up at home, like chili, ginger, garlic... , after drying, at any time as seasoning flavor, is a good helper in cooking!


★ Even South Korea is popular, today's most elegant, charming fashion snacks

Dried fruit food is also the most fashionable snacks at present, full of creativity and beauty, each can win the heart of people who love dessert, as a snack is not only healthy and not fat, for young OL, healthy dried fruit and tea can be a leisurely afternoon tea, or a fashion pursuit.


★ Travel, camping, mountaineering convenient to carry

Dried fruits and vegetables are convenient to carry, light weight, save for a long time, very suitable for travel, especially mountaineering or camping, dried fruits can directly supplement fiber quality, dried vegetables are suitable for adding soup, do not have to carry fresh vegetables deliberately, namely can eat fresh concentrated food essence.


★ Dried meat, dried fish, is a pet hair children hyposensitive health food

Homemade jerky and fish without seasoning are perfect for the cutest furry kids in the house, without worrying about additives or calories. For the health of children in the home, spend a night, the pumpkin and chicken mashed mix, drying, is the most nutritious snacks for children, timely supplementation of protein and vitamins, so that they eat at ease and eat healthy.


★ The first low temperature baking food dryer book

The first and only book in Taiwan that uses a low temperature food dryer to bake dried fruit. Simple good start, artificial dried fruit super simple!


Make dried fruit, dried vegetables, dried meat, delicious and secure

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