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Happiness with food dehydrator

The dehydrator gives the greatest sense of well-being

The pleasures of a dehydrator are threefold.

The first layer is, my family will never waste vegetables and fruits! Apples, grapes, grapefruits, and lemons that are going bad and can't be eaten are all dehydrated and turned into crisp or dried fruit.

The second layer is that bad vegetables, like kale, are really just as good as they can be when they're crunchy. Just like... It's like a slice of nori with a little bit of sweetness.

And thirdly, it can inspire unexpected dishes. Sweet and sour plums are cut thin and dehydrated before being crushed into small pieces and served in greasy dishes such as grilled bacon to improve freshness and reduce greasiness. For example, in Southeast Asian dishes, chopped Onions are often fried. Alternatively, dehydrate it before cooking it. It's less oily and healthy.


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